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SiteSaver® Stormwater Treatment Device Receives NJDEP Certification



Cedar Grove, N.J., (March 30, 2016) FreshCreek Technologies, announced today that it has successfully completed the verification program with the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT) for its on-line stormwater treatment system, SiteSaver. Following the verification, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) certified the device as an approved hydrodynamic Manufactured Treatment Device (MTD).

The SiteSaver system contains a netting TrashTrap®, an influent oil baffle, a hydraulic relief baffle, and inclined settling cells. The product is designed to capture and retain sediment, floating trash, debris, and oil that can enter stormwater and pollute downstream receiving waters.

The device was tested at the Alden Research Laboratory, Inc., Holden, Massachusetts, a leader in solving flow-related engineering and environmental matters (ALDEN). The laboratory tested SiteSaver’s pollutant removal performance and used the most accurate mass-balance removal detection method to measure efficiency.

Based on the tests conducted, the SiteSaver device exceeded the New Jersey Department of Hydrodynamic Sedimentation Manufactured Treatment Device (NJDEP HDS) requirements. The device achieved greater than 50% Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal utilizing the sediment blend specified by the NJDEP HDS Protocol.

“We are proud having reached this milestone for our SiteSaver design,” stated Walter Trnka, General Manager for FreshCreek Technologies. “Among its many applications, the SiteSaver pretreatment of stormwater basins or as a stand-alone device cost effectively achieves “Good Housekeeping” goals at one centralized location.”

For more information on NJDEP, please visit www.nj.gov/dep/stormwater/treatment



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