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Carson Stormwater Project at Carriage Crest Park


Project Specifications

Location: Carson, CA

Application: Stormwater Detention / Treatment / Hydromodification

Product Used: 14′-8” DoubleTrap System

Total Water Stored: 589,902 CF

Number of Pieces (per basin): 712

Owner: City of Carson

Engineering Firm: Tetra Tech


A StormTrap system is being installed at the Carriage Crest Park as part of an innovative stormwater management project in Carson, California. This project will divert approximately 147 million gallons of stormwater a year and help the City of Carson and nearby unincorporated county areas cost-effectively meet MS4 permit requirements and protect local waterways.

Stormwater runoff will be diverted from an existing storm drain to a StormTrap basin underneath the park field to be detained, pre-treated and later pumped out of the basin for further treatment at the Joint Water Pollution Control Plant.