Improve Water Quality

Stormwater runoff inevitably collects many pollutants and contaminants as it flows across impenetrable urbanized areas. Roads, sidewalks and parking lots may contain trash, sediment, oils and bacteria that can end up in our water supply. At StormTrap, we are committed to improving stormwater quality so that streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands won’t be filled with pesticides, nitrogen and heavy metals.

We offer a range of treatment products and services to target your specific pollutant issues, whether you are addressing one specific contaminant or a combination of pollutants.

Litter, Trash and Debris Removal

Utilizes Disposable Nets To Capture Pollutants

Netting systems capture and remove trash and floatables from Stormwater and Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) discharges. These use the natural energy of the flow to trap trash, floatables and solids in disposable mesh nets.

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Effectively Remove Suspended Solids

Suspended solids can be effectively removed utilizing our sedimentation systems, which are each designed to your project’s specific particle size removal efficiencies.

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Oil/Water Separation

Features Baffle Chambers for Hydrocarbon Removal 

Designed to eliminate oil, grease, fats and other hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff utilizing baffle chambers.

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Removes Suspended Solids and Finer Particles

Sandfilters are an effective Best Management Practice (BMP) designed to remove suspended solids and other pollutants utilizing various media

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