Removes Suspended Solids and Finer Particles

Sandfilters are an effective Best Management Practice (BMP) designed to remove suspended solids and other pollutants utilizing various media


Eliminate Fine Particles

Sandfilters are effective BMPs designed to remove suspended solids and other pollutants utilizing various media. They can be economically designed, manufactured and installed within the StormTrap precast concrete system. Stormwater enters the system by flowing into a settling chamber to remove the large particles and the majority of the gross pollutants. Then it enters the sandfilter bed, which removes the finer particles and other pollutants through filtered gravity flow.


The StormTrap Filtration system offers a wide range of options and benefits to deliver significant results for your project:

  • Designed to exceed HS-20 loading with minimum of 6″ cover
  • Made of reinforced, high-strength precast concrete available in internal heights that range from 1′-1″ to 5′-8
  • Engineered design maximizes storage volume while minimizing project’s footprint and cost
  • Total void storage allows for a fully accessible and maintainable system
  • Meets water quantity requirements without compromising land use
  • Modular design facilitates a quick and efficient installation
  • Flexible, modular design easily accommodates for existing utilities, light pole foundations, trees, and other job site constraints
  • Options for extreme loading situations such as high cover applications, Cooper E-80, and aircraft loading
  • Watertight applications available

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