Effectively Remove Suspended Solids

Suspended solids can be effectively removed utilizing our sedimentation systems, which are each designed to your project’s specific particle size removal efficiencies.


Patented Technology Removes Pollutants

FreshCreek’s patented treatment solution, SiteSaver, is a unique hydrodynamic separator that utilizes disposable mesh nets, inclined plate technology and baffles to capture and easily remove trash and debris, floatables, hydrocarbons and sediment from waterways.

SiteSaver can be utilized as a stand-alone device or work in a treatment train approach as the pre-treatment phase. In a treatment train, it handles a variety of TMDL solutions including trash, sediments, hydrocarbons, total phosphorus, nitrogen and heavy metals.




  • NJCAT Verified /NJDEP Certified
  • Certified by LARWQCB (Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board) for full capture with 5-mm nets
  • Engineered to meet site-specific requirements, can accommodate any flows
  • Three-dimensional netting technology removes floatables, trash, and debris while providing a larger surface area than traditional two-dimensional screens
  • Inclined plate settling technology dramatically increases the effective settling area of a physical footprint by creating parallel operating settling cells that overlap and self-clean during flow events
  • Trash and debris are completely contained and drained dry, reducing further decay and leaching of pollutants into water
  • Prefabricated, modular system enables quick installations
  • No confined space entry is required, as net change-out is done at the surface
  • Low capital and installation costs


FreshCreek provides a preliminary budget and design including a complete set of drawings, a preconstruction meeting, start-up training, and optional on-site supervision during installation. For easy maintenance, FreshCreek offers annual maintenance contracts to conduct routine net change-out and disposal. Plus, FreshCreek provides remote monitoring through Telnet—solar-powered telemetry systems that remotely monitor net capacity.

SiteSaver Project Profiles

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Sedimentation Systems

Designed to Your Specific Requirements

Suspended solids can be effectively removed from stormwater runoff utilizing our sedimentation systems. Designed to your project’s specific particle size removal efficiencies, our systems can be estimated by using common engineering equations such as Stokes’ Law and Camp Hazen. A permanent pool of water is maintained throughout the entire sedimentation system, which allows the sediment to settle until the needed maintenance interval has been reached. The system can also be sized to meet detention requirements, reducing footprint and construction costs.


The StormTrap Sedimentation system offers a wide range of options and benefits to deliver significant results for your project:

  • Designed to exceed HS-20 loading with minimum of 6″ cover
  • Made of reinforced, high-strength precast concrete available in internal heights that range from 1′-1″ to 5′-8
  • Engineered design maximizes storage volume while minimizing project footprint and cost
  • Total void storage allows for a fully accessible and maintainable system
  • Meets water quantity requirements without compromising land use
  • Modular design facilitates a quick and efficient installation
  • Flexible, modular design easily accommodates for existing utilities, light pole foundations, trees, and other job site constraints
  • Options for extreme loading situations such as high cover applications, Cooper E-80, and aircraft loading
  • Watertight applications available

Sedimentation Systems Project Profiles

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