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Renovate America

Project Specifications:

Location: San Diego, CA

Application:  Infiltration

Product used:  11’- 4” DoubleTrap

Number of pieces: 44

Total water storage: 28,657 CF

Foundation: Stone

Consulting Engineer:  Michael Baker International

Installing Contractor:  Rand Engineering


Project Details: Renovate America, one of the nation`s largest providers of financing for home improvement and commercial retrofits, is relocating its Rancho Bernardo offices to 16409 West Bernardo Drive, San Diego, CA. The development consists of a new 10,000-square-foot building, parking area and renovation of an existing three-story building. Due to the increase of impervious surface on the property, a stormwater basin had to be installed to manage the stormwater runoff.

Challenges: According to Jonathan Rowland, P.E., Project Manager at RBF Consulting, the main challenge for this project was to meet the large stormwater storage volume requirements based on current stormwater regulations. In addition to providing the storage needed, the engineer wanted to make sure that usable land for parking wasn’t lost and also provide the owner with the most cost-effective solution.

Solution: A 11’ – 4” StormTrap system that allows for infiltration was installed under the main parking lot. The system is composed of 44 units and stores 28,657cf of stormwater. The project engineer explained the reason for choosing StormTrap: “Concrete has the most long-term durability and the strength of the materials made us comfortable placing the units under proposed parking and drive aisles.”