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Storrs Center – Village Street

Project Specifications:

Location:  Mansfield, CT

Application: Detention

Product used:  DoubleTrap

Number of pieces: 24,12,40,60,48

Number of basins: 5

Total water stored:  84,546 cf

Market: Mixed use

Project Details:  The project involves construction of a mixed use New Urbanist Village. Five stormwater detention basins were installed under the propriety to mitigate the increase in post-development peak flow rate.

Challenge:  Tight site conditions required the stormwater detention to be underneath the new roadway amongst the other utilities.

Solution:  A Stormtrap detention system was installed under the roadway, thereby increasing the yield of developable land and reducing the overall disturbance area that an above ground detention pond would have required.

According to the site contractor Milton C Beebe, Stormtrap was the best solution to this project given to the stormwater system capacity to hold a large volume of water in a small footprint and a footprint that could be adjusted by the designer based upon storage requirements.