Reduce nitrogen, phosphorus, metals and other contaminants

Green Infrastructure Solutions for Urban Environment

Biofiltration Solutions

StormTrap partners with StormTree to provide green infrastructure solutions for the urban environment by combining plant systems with stormwater runoff reduction and pollutant removal. The systems serve the dual function of providing healthy and thriving trees, coupled with stormwater management.

The tree filter systems can be installed as a standalone or in series and combined with underground detention for high flow detention or as a rainwater harvesting system.



Proven Performance

  • Certified by the Washington State Technology Assessment Protocol – Ecology  (TAPE) for General Use Level Designation (GULD) to remove Total Suspended Solids (TSS), phosphorus and metals from stormwater


Efficient Design

  • Engineered to meet site-specific requirements
  • Unique open-sided and open bottom design allows for unrestricted tree and plant root growth and larger engineered media bed beyond the frame
  • Media blends are designed to provide high volume/flow treatment of incoming stormwater runoff providing high pollutant removal to reduce concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus, metals, and other contaminants
  • Multiple configurations and dimensions are sized to service catchment areas of one acre or greater. Its small footprint allows use on highly developed sites such as parking lots, plazas, and sidewalk streetscapes


Environmental Solution

  • Open design supports healthy tree growth and longevity
  • Greater choice of plant materials vs closed tree boxes
  • High pollutant removal rates


Quick Installation

  • Prefabricated, modular system enables quick installations
  • Low capital and installation costs
  • No crane needed for installation – Lightweight systems
  • On-site supervision available on each project


Easy Maintenance

  • Accessible for inspection and maintenance
  • No confined space entry is required
  • Long service life, with cost-effective maintenance
  • No specialized equipment needed

Standard Configurations

Project Profiles

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Various streetscape projects were completed in Fall River, Massachusetts. Fourteen tree pit and stormwater management…
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