Achieve Flow Attenuation and Remove Pollutants

Remove pollutants by utilizing EPA-proven bioretention, vegetated filter strips and sandfilters to achieve flow attenuation


Remove Pollutants and Achieve Flow Attenuation

StormTrap stormwater filtration process employs EPA-proven bioretention, vegetated filter strips and sand filters to remove pollutants and achieve flow attenuation. Our modular design makes it easy to incorporate these stormwater treatment methods with our stormwater detention and retention systems. StormTrap can customize the stormwater quality features to target specific job specifications and requirements.

Biofiltration Products

Meet all site design specifications and stormwater requirements for innovative, cost-effective management
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Maximize total water storage and reduce excavation and project costs by minimizing footprint
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Biofiltration Project Profiles

Waubonsee Community College needed to expand its student and staff parking lots to create additional…
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