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Reducing Flood Risks in Older, Established Neighborhoods – Master Planning and Detention

Reducing flood risk in older, established neighborhoods that were designed to less-stringent criteria than common today can be challenging. Developing a clear understanding of the existing conditions is key. Outside-the-box thinking can also be critical to developing cost-effective solutions.
Join us as we examine master-planning efforts, discuss underground detention design and display time-lapsed construction videos for a flood-relief project in University Park, Texas. The webinar will also address project management and project delivery alternatives from the City Engineer’s perspective.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain insight on issues related to master planning in established neighborhoods.
  2. Learn the key factors to success in underground detention.
  3. Review design considerations for underground stormwater detention facilities and learn how to solve site constraints while maximizing potential land use.
  4. Assess project management and project delivery methods from a city perspective.



Katie Barron, PE, City of University Park

Gabriela Bell, PE, CFM, Huitt-Zollars

Hamilton Dallagasperina, PE, CFM, Huitt-Zollars



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