Learn About Our Innovative Precast Stormwater Management Products

The ideal solution for:
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      Stormwater Detention

      Stormwater detention systems to control stormwater runoff.

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      Stormwater Retention

      StormTrap provides the stormwater retention systems for your needs.

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      Stormwater Treatment

      Stormtrap provides a variety of treatment products

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      Low Impact Development

      Low impact development mimics the pre-development hydrology of a project’s site.

  • Latest News:
    SiteSaver® Stormwater Treatment Device Receives NJDEP Certification

    Recent Projects

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      Bright View Senior Living Stormwater Infiltration
    • Orange County Stormwater Sand Filtration
      Orange United Methodist Church Stormwater Filtration
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    Why Stormwater Management by StormTrap?

    At StormTrap we are committed to providing cost-effective stormwater management solutions to engineers, owners and municipalities that are customized to each individual site's needs.

    Whether you need to slow or reduce volume from your project site, protect waterways and maintain stormwater quality, or hold water for harvesting or reuse, StormTrap’s water management systems can address all these needs with one customized system.

    Our 100% structurally independent design allows easy access for maintenance through customized, modular designs. These stormwater management systems were created to reduce overall footprint, accommodate any site restraints, and lower overall costs. Whether you are concerned about detention, retention, water quality, water harvesting or water reuse, StormTrap has a design to meet your specific needs.

    Through the use of the patented SingleTrap and DoubleTrap designs, StormTrap will provide fully customized stormwater management solutions, complete with drawings, budget estimates and installation specifications, within 48 hours. Contact one of StormTrap’s sales representatives today to get started with your stormwater treatment structure.