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StormTrap offers replacement net assemblies as well as maintenance and monitoring contracts.

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SiteSaver can be either an online or offline device. No external flow relief structures are necessary for proper functionality due to an internal hydraulic relief baffle that passes flow greater than the design flow.

Nets need to be replaced depending upon multiple factors such as frequency of rain events and regulatory requirements. The main determining factor is how much debris accumulates in each occurrence.  It is recommended that the system be inspected during the first year of operation to determine an accurate maintenance schedule.  Manual monitoring and inspection can be circumvented by installing a Telnet monitoring system.

The net’s design velocity is 5 feet per second with an ultimate velocity of 7 feet per second.  It is recommended that if the velocity exceeds the ultimate velocity, flow dissipaters such as muscle walls can be utilized to reduce the velocity of the inflowing water or a trash basket can be use in lieu of nets.  StormTrap can assist with the sizing of flow dissipation components if necessary.

The nets are knotless knitted nylon. Knitted materials are stronger than woven since the ultimate strength is derived from the material rather than the connection, if a rope has a knot in it, the strength decreases.  It is recommended that the nets be disposed of during each maintenance occurrence to decrease maintenance time and safety risks.

  • Oil (hydrocarbons) is removed through the use of baffles and if utilized, oil socks/pillows
  • Trash is removed if the netting or trash basket component is utilized
  • Sediment is removed by the inclined plates

Maintenance is completed by removing the full net and utilizing a vacuum truck to remove the sediment that accumulates at the base of the unit.  If a trash basket is used, employ a vacuum truck to remove debris from the basket.

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SiteSaver successfully completed multiple verification programs with the  New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT) for various particle size distributions.  The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has also certified SiteSaver as an approved Hydrodynamic Sedimentation Manufactured Treatment Device (MTD).

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SingleTrap | DoubleTrap

There are no mechanical joints between the StormTrap modules. However, there is a male/female joint between the top and base piece of the DoubleTrap module that helps facilitate installation and alignment.



StormTrap provides access opening with ladder rungs.  Manhole opening are generally provided at all pipe penetrations.

Typically 2-3 pieces are shipped per truck based upon weight.

Installation ranges from 35-80 pieces per day depending on site access, site conditions and the size of a basin.

The method of installation can either be a crane or excavator depending on the jobsite conditions and required space. Typically, a crane is used as the main method of install, however, given the correct conditions an excavator that has enough lifting capacity can also be utilized.

The standard StormTrap system is designed to HS-20 loading with as little as 6″ of cover. Options are also available for HS-25, fire truck outrigger, Cooper E-80 and aircraft loading.