Protect Machinery By Containing Solids

Trash Removal Solution for Wastewater, Stormwater and Combined Sewer Overflow


Protect Machinery

PumpGuard is an efficient pre-screening device that utilizes disposable mesh nets to capture solids and protect pumps, rotating equipment, disinfection systems and other machinery from potential damage by removing debris from the waste stream. PumpGuard can be designed to operate in conjunction with pump stations, between the primary and secondary clarifiers and downstream of the headwork screen.


Proven Performance

  • 97% removal efficiencies recorded by U.S. EPA-sponsored projects
  • Certified by the California State Water Resources Control Board as a full capture/ high flow capacity trash device
  • 25 years of experience in manufacturing, installing and maintaining netting systems


Trusted Technology

  • Three-dimensional netting technology removes floatables, trash and debris while providing a larger surface area than traditional two-dimensional screens
  • Nets can accommodate a larger volume of material and do not need mechanical devices to remove blockages, therefore decreasing maintenance frequency 


Efficient Design

  • Engineered to meet site-specific requirements, can accommodate any flow
  • Utilizes the passive energy of water flow to drive pollutants into nets, no electricity needed
  • Variety of net sizes can be easily adapted to specific needs
  • Negligible headloss, as system does not rely on head pressure to function
  • Modules can be easily retrofit into almost any wastewater or stormwater system
  • Trash and debris are contained in nets, avoiding clogging or reweaving of material downstream
  • Efficient, cost-effective trash removal solution that extends pump life cycles
  • Avoid operational shutdowns due to equipment maintenance or failure


Quick Installation

  • Systems can be installed in pump stations, distribution boxes, channels, manholes or box culverts
  • Prefabricated, modular system enables quick installations
  • Installation does not require system shutdown
  • On-site supervision available on each project


Easy Maintenance

  • Accessible for inspection and maintenance
  • No confined space entry is required, as net change-out is done at the surface
  • Net change-out can be completed in less than 30 minutes
  • Scales can be attached to lifting equipment to weigh nets
  • Long service life, with cost-effective maintenance
  • Remote monitoring technology (optional)

Adaptive Applications

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