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Passaic Valley Sewer Commission

Project Specifications:

Location: Newark, NJ

Product Used: PumpGuard

Number of nets: 10

Flow Rate: 400 MGD

17,000 pounds of material captured each month

The Passaic Valley Sewer Commission (PVSC) located in Newark, New Jersey is one of the largest wastewater treatment plants (400 MGD)  in the US and services over 1.5M people and 48 municipalities. The treatment facility needed an additional device to improve the plant’s primary screening process due to the high quantity of solids that were not collected in the headworks. 

A PumpGuard was installed in a channel upstream of the pump house and holding tanks to efficiently remove trash, debris & floatables and, consequently, protect pumps and disinfection machinery. The system consists of a stainless-steel structure with two frames that slide in and out of channels attached to the structure. This system is comprised of ten 36”x 36” nets – two frames with five nets each. The unit was installed during normal operation and without draining the channel.

PumpGuard is easy to access and is maintained using a boom crane to lift each frame from the structure and replace each net. A solar powered system is used to remotely monitor the net capacity. Approximately 17,000 pounds of material that pass through the headworks is captured each month, which helps eliminate manual cleaning of machinery downstream, resulting in substantial savings in maintenance costs.