Employ Flexible Designs for Efficient Stormwater Management

Meet all site design specifications and stormwater requirements in conjunction with a variety of solutions for innovative, cost-effective management


Flexible and Efficient Stormwater Management

SingleTrap capitalizes on its numerous design flexibilities to meet requirements without disturbing existing utilities or changing project configurations to meet stormwater needs. Our product fits seamlessly into the specifications and provides an effective solution that is high-strength, innovative, easily maintained and cost-effective.

SingleTrap can be employed with a variety of stormwater applications that best fit the project’s water quality and total water storage requirements without compromising its structural integrity. SingleTrap can be specified to withstand HS-20, Firetruck Outrigger Loading and extreme loading needs.

The SingleTrap design offers a wide range of possible solutions for stormwater management. Stormwater detention and infiltration is achieved by the type of foundation on which the pieces are set. SingleTrap can incorporate rainwater harvesting and treatment options as well as function within a treatment train for a more complete water quality system.



Robust Construction

  • Made of reinforced, high-strength precast concrete available in internal heights that range from 1′-1″ to 7′- 6″
  • Designed to exceed HS-20 loading with minimum 6″ cover
  • Options for extreme loading situations such as high-cover applications, Cooper E-80 and aircraft loading


Efficient Design

  • Flexible, modular design easily accommodates existing utilities, light pole foundations, trees and other job site constraints
  • Maximizes storage volume while minimizing project footprint and cost


Quick Installation

  • Modular construction facilitates a quick and efficient installation, reducing excavation and labor costs
  • Meets stormwater local regulations without compromising land use


Easy Maintenance

  • Total void storage allows for a fully accessible and maintainable system
  • Watertight applications available

Stormwater Solutions

SingleTrap® Project Profiles

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