Improve Water Quality

Treatment Solutions for Stormwater, Urban Runoff and Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Discharges


Remove Impurities from Waterways

SiteSaver is a unique hydrodynamic separator that utilizes trash containment devices, inclined plate technology and baffles to capture and easily remove trash and debris, floatables, hydrocarbons and sediment from waterways.

SiteSaver can be utilized as a stand-alone device or work in a treatment train approach as the pre-treatment phase. In a treatment train, it handles a variety of TMDL solutions including trash, sediments, hydrocarbons, total phosphorus, nitrogen and heavy metals.




Proven Performance

  • NJCAT Verified/NJDEP Certified
  • U.S. EPA-sponsored netting projects recorded 97% removal efficiencies
  • Certified by Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (LARWQCB) for full capture with 5-mm nets
  • 25 years of experience in manufacturing, installing and maintaining netting systems


Trusted Technology

  • Three-dimensional netting technology removes floatables, trash and debris while providing a larger surface area than traditional two-dimensional screens
  • Less maintenance is required because nets can accommodate a larger volume of material and do not need mechanical devices to remove blockages
  • Inclined plate settling technology dramatically increases the effective settling area of a physical footprint by creating parallel operating settling cells that overlap and self-clean during flow events


Efficient Design

  • Engineered to meet site-specific requirements, can accommodate any flow
  • Internal hydraulic relief prevents flooding while completely containing trash and debris, even when the event exceeds the design flow
  • Trash and debris are contained and drain dry reducing further decay and leaching of pollutants into water
  • Durable, high-strength precast concrete modules can be easily retrofit into almost any stormwater system
  • HS-20 standard loading, can accommodate higher load capacities
  • Excels in a variety of markets including residential, commercial, manufacturing and industrial applications


Quick Installation

  • Prefabricated, modular system enables quick installation
  • Low capital and installation costs
  • On-site supervision available on each project


Easy Maintenance

  • Accessible for inspection and maintenance
  • No confined space entry is required, as net change-out is done at the surface
  • Long service life, with cost-effective maintenance
  • Scales can be attached to lifting equipment for easy debris measurements required for environmental permits
  • Remote monitoring available through Telnet


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