Stormwater LID

Meet Low Impact Development (LID) Goals

Low impact development (LID) seeks to remove the negative impact of development by mimicking the pre-development hydrology of the project site. The old strategy only matched the peak flow rates, while the LID strategy reduces the volume of runoff produced by development.

Efficient land utilization is at the heart of LID, because it takes into account the inherent value of the land and the benefits of preserving the natural landscape. Installing underground StormTrap systems can contribute to LID goals by maximizing the use of the land. This reduces the footprint of the developed area and allows forested or other natural areas to remain undisturbed.

Rainwater Harvesting

Utilize for Irrigation or Indoor Greywater

Collect stormwater on site for use in irrigation or as greywater inside buildings.

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Recharge Groundwater and Reduce Stormwater Runoff

Reduce the volume of stormwater runoff discharged from a site to help meet low impact development (LID) goals.

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Reduce Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Metals and other Contaminants

Green Infrastructure Solutions for Urban Environment

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