Rainwater Management Solutions: Rainwater Harvesting

Utilize for Irrigation or Indoor Greywater

Collect stormwater on site for use in irrigation or as greywater inside buildings

Rainwater Harvesting

Collect Stormwater for Future Use

StormTrap offers rainwater harvesting applications that collect stormwater on site for use in irrigation or as greywater inside buildings. These sustainable stormwater management practices adhere to low impact development (LID) principles for runoff reduction and also contribute to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits for Sustainable Sites and Water Efficiency.

Rainwater Harvesting Products

Meet all site design specifications and stormwater requirements for innovative, cost-effective management
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Maximize total water storage and reduce excavation and project costs by minimizing footprint
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Rainwater Harvesting Project Profiles

A suburban stormwater facility utilizes StormTrap DoubleTrap solution for detention needs and water harvesting...
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A design concept made by James Corner and his team of James Corner Field Operations…
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  StormTrap Stormwater Management System Provides an Effective Solution for Bolivar Park A StormTrap system…
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The StormTrap system, used for its detention and rainwater harvesting applications, was installed in what…
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