Design and Install with Confidence

At StormTrap, we work closely with engineers, owners, contractors, government agencies and municipal organizations to provide cost-effective stormwater management solutions and water treatment devices to protect water quality and to improve land usage in an array of markets.

Our experienced staff will design a custom solution to address your site requirements and regional regulations. We look forward to working with you!


Accommodate Your Jobsite Requirements

StormTrap works seamlessly with commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants and office buildings. Its flexible design can accommodate any jobsite parameters while maximizing water volume storage and maintaining a small footprint. Additionally, it increases the amount of usable land because it eliminates the need for a detention pond on the property.

Commercial Projects

Office center required additional parking 0.5 acre of parking that provided an additional 72 parking…
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The StormTrap system, used for its detention and rainwater harvesting applications, was installed in what…
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The project involved converting underutilized portions of a multi-tenant retail parcel parking lot into usable…
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A stormwater detention system was installed under the parking garage slab at 141 N Front…
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Manage Runoff and Harvest Stormwater

StormTrap provides innovative stormwater management solutions to community projects like athletic fields, public parks and places of worship. We effectively manage stormwater runoff to prevent flooding, protect waterways and improve land usage while also offering water harvesting opportunities for irrigation or greywater usage.

Community Projects

A StormTrap system was used to replace an existing above-ground dry stormwater detention basin and…
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The new US Bank Stadium will be a multi-purpose stadium and the home of the…
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A design concept made by James Corner and his team of James Corner Field Operations…
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A suburban stormwater facility utilizes StormTrap DoubleTrap solution for detention needs and water harvesting...
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Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)

Protect Local Waterways from Contamination

StormTrap provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO). The system collects and holds diluted sewer water during large rain events so as not to overwhelm sewer pipes and compromise water quality. A StormTrap CSO works seamlessly with the existing sewer system and can be designed to incorporate typical CSO lift pumps and accessories.

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Projects

The Santa Ana-Delhi Channel Diversion is a water quality project developed with the objective of…
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Anacostia Watershed, the Takoma Branch had high levels of pollution. About 20,000 tons of trash…
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Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Solutions

Litter, Trash & Debris SingleTrap DoubleTrap Treatment


Versatile Designs To Serve Any School

Numerous universities and schools employ StormTrap systems to detain, infiltrate, harvest and/or treat their stormwater runoff. StormTrap has a minimal footprint and offers the type of versatility necessary for complying with jobsite parameters, while simultaneously exceeding the required storage volume.

Education Projects

A large infiltration system was installed under the main campus parking lot of New York…
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Stormwater Detention & Retention VCBMP System installed at Northwestern University: Ryan Field - Evanston, IL...
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A stormwater detention system was strategically placed inside the new Athletic Field to store water…
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The StormTrap detention system, together with the SiteSaver treatment device, provided a flexible option to…
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Quick Installation and Easy Maintenance

StormTrap delivers a precast concrete stormwater management system that is structurally superior and easily customizable to meet government and military requirements. The system can be specified with HS 20, HS 25 or Firetruck Outrigger Loading capabilities. The various applications, fast installation and easy maintenance aid in keeping stormwater management quick and effective.

Government/Military Projects

The Ohio Department of Transportation installed a StormTrap detention system at an I-75 off ramp…
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The Los Angeles Transportation Center Intermodal Facility (LATC) is being upgraded. The project involved the…
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Trusted Compliance and Great Versatility

Industrial developments such as warehouses and distribution centers install StormTrap systems to manage their stormwater runoff and comply with city ordinances. The number of StormTrap applications and treatment options provide great versatility, efficiency and utility for engineers, owners and developers.

Industrial Projects

The project involves the installation of a stormwater system before the construction of two 1.1…
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The Gordon Foods center in Grand Rapid, Michigan includes seven acres of offices, distribution centers,…
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Substantial Loading Capabilities

StormTrap systems mitigate the harmful effects of high water volumes and manage stormwater runoff to protect water quality for medical properties such as hospitals, doctor offices and nursing homes. StormTrap offers quick installation, a small footprint and impressive loading capabilities that make it ideal for healthcare facilities.

Medical Projects

THRIVE is a 52,000 SF, 68-bed Transitional Care/ Skilled Nursing Facility that is under construction…
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Asplundh Cancer Pavilion is a new 86,000 square foot facility, constructed on the campus of…
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Stormwater detention system was installed under the driveway of a new multi-story Ambulatory Care...
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A stormwater management plan and the construction of a three-story tower is part of the…
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Deliver Project Confidence

Mixed-use properties install StormTrap systems to capitalize on low-risk, cost-effective stormwater solutions that manage their stormwater runoff and protect waterways. The variety of StormTrap applications and treatment options empowers engineers, developers and municipalities to feel confident about their project’s stormwater management solution.

Mixed-Use Projects

Bressi Ranch is a coastal community located in Carlsbad, CA with charming homes, parks, schools,…
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The project involves construction of a mixed use New Urbanist Village. Five stormwater detention basins…
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Manage Runoff without Detention Ponds

StormTrap systems provide peace of mind to engineers, owners and developers of residential areas such as apartment complexes, townhomes and housing communities. StormTrap safely manages stormwater runoff underground, eliminating the need for an above ground pond and thereby increasing public safety, decreasing liability and increasing developable land .

Residential Projects

For years flooding and surcharged storm sewers have been a problem for a residential neighborhood…
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The 3.97-acre site, located in downtown area of the City of Durham, North Carolina was…
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The project involves the construction of a stormwater detention system underneath a multi-unit residential building.
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The project involved converting a vacant lot into a residential property which would include 25…
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Increase Treatment Options and Storage

Retail properties such as strip malls, shopping centers and grocery stores utilize StormTrap to meet stormwater regulations and improve land usage. The modular, customizable design works to fit into all jobsite parameters while broadening the available treatment options and maximizing water volume storage.

Retail Projects

A Lexus car dealership was being relocated to a new site in Willow Grove, PA. …
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The project involves the installation of an underground stormwater detention system that replaced a local pond…
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The project involved the redevelopment of an existing Charter One Bank and parking lot, located in…
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A twenty two pieces SingleTrap detention system was installed underneath a Speedway Inc facility to…
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Create Reliable Solutions in Preventing Impurities

The variety and functionality of StormTrap applications and products empowers engineers and municipalities to feel confident about their wastewater management solutions. StormTrap aids in ensuring the quality of waterways and effectively solving wastewater problems in a manner that is both cost-effective and reliable.

Wastewater Projects

A 2 MGD wastewater treatment facility in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, that services approximately 13,000…
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The Passaic Valley Sewer Commission (PVSC) located in Newark, New Jersey is one of the…
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Wastewater Solutions

Treatment Litter, Trash & Debris