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Thompson Lexus

Project Specifications:

Location:  Willow Grove, PA

Application: Detention

Number of systems: 2

Product used: 3′-0″ SingleTrap (Basin 1) & 5′-0″ SingleTrap (Basin 2)

Number of pieces: 68 (Basin 1) & 83 (Basin 2)

Water Storage Provided: 63,213 CF (19,836 on Basin 1 & 43,377 on Basin 2)


Project details: A Lexus car dealership was being relocated to a new site in Willow Grove, PA.  The new location required stormwater management systems to capture a large amount of stormwater due to a significant amount of impervious surface on the project.

Challenges:  The main challenge for this project was to meet the required amount of underground water storage while dealing with high seasonal groundwater and little cover. Chad Brensinger, PE, LEED AP, Design Engineer at Charles E. Shoemaker, Inc, explained that the township has strict stormwater regulations which had to be met.

Solutions: Two stormwater detention basins – a 3′-0” SingleTrap and a 5′-0” SingleTrap – were installed on site. Together, the two systems stored 63,213 cf of stormwater.  The runoff stored in basin 1 is discharged to a storm sewer and the stormwater in basin 2 is sent to a local creek.

Brensinger stated, “StormTrap was able to handle the site challenges and was able to store a large amount of stormwater in a considerably smaller footprint than other systems.”