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Uptown Bressi

Project Specifications:

Location: Carlsbad, CA

Application: Detention

Number of Basins: 3

Product Used: Basin 1: 4’-2” SingleTrap; Basin 2: 5’-8” SingleTrap; Basin 3: 5’-0” SingleTrap

Total Water Stored: Basin 1: 28,810 CF; Basin 2: 29,839 CF; Basin 3: 6,661 CF

Number of ST Pieces: Basin 1: 64; Basin 2: 50; Basin 3: 15

Foundation: Concrete


Consulting Engineer: Rick Engineering

Installing Contractor: Basile Construction

Project Details: Bressi Ranch is a coastal community located in Carlsbad, CA with charming homes, parks, schools, and local shopping. The community is expanding with the development of a multi-family condominium and a new retail center on 17 acres of vacant land. To reduce runoff on site, three StormTrap detention systems were installed in the new development.

Challenges: When trying to find an effective stormwater management solution for this project, the civil engineering team at Rick Engineering had to consider not just a system that could meet local volume control and treatment requirements but could also accommodate deeper than usual flowline elevations. Carlos Avila, project manager at Rick Engineering, explained: “The shallow nature of the surrounding off-site storm drain system, required a very precise on-site storm drain design in conjunction with a deeper than usual cistern design.”

Solutions:  StormTrap was selected for this project over plastic and other products because it could accommodate the depth and cover on top of the system. “The StormTrap system allowed us to provide stormwater detention at deeper elevations in three centralized locations across the project site,” affirmed Avila.

The final stormwater design included a 5’-8” SingleTrap detention system that was installed in a residential lot under a playground area, a 4’-2” SingleTrap system installed under the parking lot of a retail/commercial area, and a 5’-0” SingleTrap installed under a parking lot of another retail area.  The combined total water storage was over 65,000 CF.

As an overall experience with StormTrap, Avila declared that, “The regional territory manager and the design team at StormTrap, were very responsive, professional and easy to work with; from the initial basin and detention orifice sizing to coordinating additional details and specifications (i.e., slab subdrains, backfill requirements, pipe penetrations and FL elevations).  The design plan review, shop drawing review process and the final coordination for StormTrap’s Engineer-of-Record signature turned out very well and each task was performed in a very timely manner.”