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Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse

Project Specifications:

Location: Oak Brook, IL

Application: Detention & Infiltration

Product used: 5’-6’’ SingleTrap

Number of pieces: 150 units

Total water storage: 88,500 cf

Foundation: Stone

Civil Engineer: Atwell, LLC

General Contractor: D+R Development

Installing Contractor:  Campton Excavating


Project Details: The project involves the installation of an underground stormwater detention system that replaced a local pond at Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse in Oak Brook, IL. The capacity of the stormwater system accounted for this site as well as two adjacent lots.  The system created buildable land area for a 9,000 SF private dining building expansion and 90 valet parking spaces.

Challenges: The main challenge of this project was to meet local stormwater requirements because of the increase of impervious surface.

Solution: A 5′ – 6” SingleTrap system, providing 88,500 cf of water storage, was installed beneath the on-site parking spaces.  A portion of the StormTrap system is located under permeable pavers. This area of the system utilizes filter fabric over the top of the modular concrete vault allowing stormwater to percolate through the joints between adjacent pieces. The stone foundation allows for the stormwater to infiltrate into the native soils below. For large rainfall events, stormwater flow is released off-site at an allowable rate.

Justin Crable, Project Manager at Atweel, LLC, stated that “The StormTrap team was responsive and communicative from planning and design through construction”.