Project Specifications:

Location: Lisle, IL

Application: Infiltration and Treatment

Product Used: 11′-4” DoubleTrap

Total Water Stored: 65,619 cf

Number of Basins: 1

Number of Pieces: 114


Consulting Engineer: V3 Construction of Illinois

General Contractor: Arco Construction

Architect: PFB Architects



Thrive is a 52,000 SF, 68-bed Transitional Care/ Skilled Nursing Facility that is under construction in Lisle, Illinois, with projected completion date of April 2020. Due to the development and increase of impervious area in the property, additional stormwater storage was needed to comply with the DuPage County regulations for water quality and quantity.


V3 Companies of Illinois contacted StormTrap to design a stormwater system that would fit in the area available, meet specific vehicle loading requirements for above the system, and provide the necessary water treatment.


An 11’-4’’ DoubleTrap was used for this project and installed under a drive aisle. The site was very tight, and there was no room for a traditional above-ground detention basin. The majority of the site is building with parking lots.


The stormwater system fit seamlessly into specification, allowed water infiltration through openings in the bottom of the system, and provided 65,619 cf of total stormwater storage for the site. The DoubleTrap was also chosen due to its strength and durability, “The adjacent site was lower, and a retaining wall was located at the property line. StormTrap is self-contained where CMP and stone would not be, allowing stormwater to undermine the retaining wall foundation,” stated Randy Andersen, P.E., Project Engineer at V3 Companies.


In addition to the DoubleTrap detention system, a unique hydrodynamic separator, SiteSaver, was installed downstream of the infiltration system to provide additional treatment by removing trash and 80% TSS before the stormwater is released.


StormTrap provided a complete solution for this project with the infiltration system and SiteSaver treatment device. “StormTrap was given the parameters of area, depth, and volume and were able to match those parameters with little modifications. The efficiency of the StormTrap versus other products allows for a smaller area required. When we give parameters to other products, it seems we always have to alter our design to fit their product, which involves more re-design time and design dollars,” Anderson.