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Kensington Heights

Project Specifications:

Location: Wheaton, MD

Application:  Detention

Product used: 8’-0’’ DoubleTrap

Number of pieces: 44 units

Total water storage: 16,793cf

Foundation: Stone

Civil Engineer: CAS Engineering

General Contractor: K Hovnanian Homes

Installing Contractor:  Gaines & Company

Project Details: The project involved converting a vacant lot into a residential property which would include 25 townhouses and a single-family unit in Kensington Heights – Wheaton, MD. Due to an increase in impervious surface,  a stormwater management system was needed on-site to control the volume and discharge timing of stormwater runoff.

Challenges: The major challenge for this project was fitting the StormTrap system into the restricted area and meeting stormwater storage requirements. Stormwater from 10 and 100 year storms had to be controlled and released at pre-developed rates.

Solutions: A 8’-0’’ DoubleTrap system (44 pieces) was installed on-site, meeting the total water storage requirements of 16,793cf. The water is stored in the system and then gradually discharged into a municipal storm sewer.  Eric Tidd, P.E., Senior Project Manager for CAS Engineering, stated that, “The StormTrap system’s small footprint allowed us to meet the stormwater requirements in a confined area.”