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Cedar Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Specifications:

Location: Cedar Grove, NJ

Product: PumpGuard

Number of nets: 1

Flow Rate: 2 MGD

A 2 MGD wastewater treatment facility in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, that services approximately 13,000 people, was having issues with trash floating on the water surface of the facility’s separation tank and ragging of reweaved material wrapping around the ultraviolet light bulbs at the clarifier.  The ragging was prohibiting the light from disinfecting the water, and UV bulbs were constantly breaking when maintenance crews attempted to remove the material from the bulbs.

A PumpGuard system with a single 24”x 48” net was retrofitted in an existing channel between the separation tank and ultraviolet clarifiers. The floatables and reweaved materials are collected by the net, and since the trash is retained, the UV light can again properly treat the water. The net maintenance is done once a month. 

Since the system was installed, the city has seen substantial savings in maintenance costs because UV bulbs are no longer breaking due to ragging and the full payback on the investment was achieved in just a few months.