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Cummins Indiana Headquarters

Project Specifications:

Location:  Indianapolis, Indiana

Application: Detention and Rainwater Harvesting

Product used:  4’-2” SingleTrap

Number of pieces: 45

Number of systems: 1

Total water stored: 20,555 ft3

Market: Commercial


Project Details:  The StormTrap system, used for its detention and rainwater harvesting applications, was installed in what would become the courtyard area of the new Cummins distribution headquarters, which is being built on the east side of Downtown Indianapolis where the Market Square Arena once sat. The courtyard will, once complete, contain numerous walkways and landscape elements. Stormwater that occupies the lowest portion of the system will be harvested. Additional stormwater accumulating above the cistern elevation is discharged to the city sewer system at an approved rate.

Challenges: A major challenge of this project was fitting the StormTrap into the allotted footprint since the building itself and other developmental aspects did not leave much room for stormwater management. Another challenge was integrating the hardware for the irrigation feature into the detention system. Furthermore, last minute changes made just before manufacturing began were needed when the outlet pipe that carries rainwater from the detention system into the city sewer system had to be raised six inches to allow for additional water harvesting volume.

Solution: The StormTrap design was able to maximize the stormwater volume of the system to approximately 90% efficiency, which allowed the system to fit within the limited area. The StormTrap product allowed for implementation of a water tight solution to retain a predetermined amount of water within the system.  This retained water would be pumped from the cistern for use in nearby landscape areas. Lastly, the responsiveness of the StormTrap team and their ability to revise drawings in order to make adjustments quickly and efficiently made raising the pipe with little notice a nonissue.