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130 Cambridge Park Drive

Project Specifications:

Location:  Cambridge, MA

Application: Detention

Product used:  3’-6’’ DoubleTrap

Number of pieces: 64

Number of systems: 2

Total water stored: 7,924 cf

Market: Residential

Project Details: The project involves the construction of a stormwater detention system underneath multiple 214-unit residential buildings.

Challenge:  Existing utilities, high groundwater, and poorly draining soil created numerous site limitations. In addition to this, a significant storage volume was required to meet state and local regulations. The peak runoff rate should be <2year pre-development peak runoff rate, required by the City of Cambridge.

Solution:  StormTrap provided the volume and flexibility needed to meet the project’s stormwater management requirements. The system allowed large water storage volume to fit in a small footprint between the building foundation columns, without disturbing existing utilities. Two pipes were designed to connect both units, which allows continuous water flow between them, to further enhance the combined water storage volume.