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Chik-Fil-A – Enfield Commons

Project Specifications:

Location: Enfield, CT

Application: Detention

Product used: 5’9” DoubleTrap

Number of pieces: 62

Number of systems: 1

Total water stored: 15,634 CF

Watertight System: Watertight with a liner

Market: Commercial

Project Details: 

The project involved converting underutilized portions of a multi-tenant retail parcel parking lot into usable retail and restaurant space. The site itself was adjacent to a brook, and was within the 100-year floodplain of that brook.


The portions of the site that would be developed would encroach on the floodplain and place fill within the floodplain. The parcel did not have any available land adjacent to the stream to create an area of compensatory floodplain storage.


StormTrap, a subsurface precast system, was placed outside of the area that contained the floodplain and hydraulically connected to the stream by the existing subsurface closed drainage system.

“The high void ratios of the StormTrap units allows for a large amount of floodplain storage to be achieved with a relatively small footprint and flexibility to design around various ground penetrations (i.e., light poles, dumpster pads, catch basins) that are needed for the development of the site itself,” explained Jessica Bates, P.E., Senior Civil Engineer with BL Companies.