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Downey Park

Project Specifications:

Location:  Downey, California

Application: Infiltration through rock-filled wick drains

Product used:  10’-0” DoubleTrap

Number of pieces: 836

Number of systems: 1

Total Water stored: 303,922 ft3

Market: Community

Project Description: The city of Downey, California was redeveloping the former Boeing space shuttle facility and set aside nearly 13 acres of athletic fields via Discovery Sports Complex.  Due to this, a stormwater management solution was needed to meet the county flood control district requirements. In order to maximize the athletic field area while still complying with flow rates and water quality regulations, a 10 foot DoubleTrap with infiltration capabilities, provided by StormTrap, was installed.

Challenges: The project needed a high void volume and easy maintenance for continued peak performance. The system also had to be able to infiltrate the first 0.75 inches of stormwater runoff per county flood control district water quality regulations as well as prevent any flooding that would make the athletic field area unusable after storms.

Solutions: By using the DoubleTrap system, the project was able to maximize the total amount of water stored and exceed the required 303,000 cubic feet of stormwater retention/infiltration needed. The system is also simply maintained due to its open design and easy system access. The DoubleTrap was engineered to infiltrate retained stormwater runoff via precast openings in the bottom base units. The StormTrap system captures runoff from a catchment of more than 60 acres and recharges it through rock-filled wick drains 20 feet below the soccer field.