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End-of-Pipe and In-Line TrashTrap – Narragansett Bay Commission

Project Specifications:

Location:Pawtucket, RI

Application: End-of-pipe and In- Line Netting System

Project Profile: This project is part of an ongoing long-term program by Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) to mitigate water pollution caused by the discharge of combined sewage and stormwater into Narragansett Bay and its tributaries during wet weather events.

Challenges: The main challenge of this project was to design the system in an efficient way to capture the pollution that was being discharged at the river.

Solutions: An End-of-pipe Netting TrashTrap System containing 10 nets was installed at the Bucklin Brook Combined Sewer outfall. The system was designed to handle a peak flow in the 66-inch diameter outfall pipe of 294 cubic feet per second at velocities up to 18 feet per second plus a 20-inch diameter stormwater pipe. Each of the five Bucklin Brook modules contains two nets and all five of the precast structures were delivered and installed on the foundation in one day.
NBC’s Executive Director Paul Pinault, P.E. commented at the facility dedication ceremony “This floatables control facility is an important step for NBC in fulfilling its responsibility to protect the environment and restore the Bay to the water quality standards mandated by the Clean Water Act.”

Three years after the installation of the End-of-pipe Netting TrashTrap System, NBC requested another unit to be installed in Central Falls, RI. This was an In- Line Netting System with two 30 x 30 nets, capable of handling 60 CFS (38.7MGD).

In 2012, a third unit in the In- Line Netting System configuration with four 30 x30 nets capable of handling 120 CFS (77.52MGD) was installed in Pawtucket, RI