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MathWorks Lakeside Campus Garage

Project Specifications:

Location:  Natick, MA

Application: Infiltration

Product used: DoubleTrap 11’-4”

Number of pieces: 72

Number of systems: 1

Total water stored: 32,800 cf

Market: Education


Project Details: The project consisted of the construction of a parking garage and reconstruction of the surrounding parking areas at the MathWorks Lakeside Campus. A stormwater system was required to decrease the amount of stormwater being discharged to the lake adjacent to the site and to meet the MassDEP Stormwater standards.

Challenge:  Poor subsurface fill materials existed at the site. In order for a subsurface infiltration system to function properly, deep excavation would be required beneath the footprint of the stormwater management system, removing the poor material and allowing for infiltration.

Solution: The DoubleTrap system from StormTrap was chosen because it is deeper than other systems and has a smaller footprint. The amount of over excavation required to remove the poor fill material beneath the stormwater management structure was minimized.

“The use of the DoubleTrap allowed for less over excavation of poor materials at the site, resulting in a lower project cost,” explained Arianna Gross, Project Engineer at VHB.