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North Providence Public Safety Complex

Project Specifications:

Location: North Providence, RI

Application: Pretreatment, Filtration & Detention

Product Used: 7’-0” DoubleTrap

Total Water Stored: 107,825 CF

Number of Basins: 1

Number of pieces: 294

Foundation: Concrete


Consulting Engineer: DiPrete Engineering Associates

Installing Contractor:  J.R. Vinagro Corporation


A new 52,000-square foot Public Safety Complex is being constructed at North Providence, RI. The $27 million facility will house police and fire department operations. The initial construction phase of the project that included stormwater management planning and redevelopment was completed in ­the beginning of this year.

DiPrete Engineering, a civil engineering and surveying firm, partnered with StormTrap and J.R. Vinagro Corporation, to design and install an underground stormwater system capable of capturing and treating stormwater runoff on the site. The system was installed under the parking lot of the new facility to help to release stress on the existing stormwater system.

Brandon Carr, Project Manager at DiPrete Engineering, mentioned that they faced multiple challenges at this site. First, a system capable of storing a large volume of stormwater was needed to capture post development flows. Second, the stormwater should be treated inside of the system before discharged back into the public system. Third, the system had to fit on a small footprint due to ledge on site.

“We were working with a very aggressive site layout that left us little room for stormwater treatment,” explained Carr. “That, coupled with the high groundwater levels and the elevation changes on site, forced us to seek an innovative method to manage stormwater. There was no room left on the surface so we knew we had to go underground.”

Working closely with the engineers, StormTrap designed a 7’-0’’ DoubleTrap three-chamber system that provided the solution for this project. The system consists of a sediment forebay and a sand filter component to treat stormwater runoff. Both of those areas have overflow weirs spilling into the detention chamber of the basin. An external outlet control device then attenuates the flow into the public system. The system is also waterproofed due to the high ground water elevations.

“The system was designed to counter the forces of the groundwater pushing up on the system. The result is the largest StormTrap system ever installed in Rhode Island” affirmed the Project Manager.

The engineering firm received permitting through Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) and Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT).

The complex is expected to be completed in late 2018.