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Central Acceptance Facility – Baltimore County, MD

Project Specifications:

Location: Central Acceptance Facility – Baltimore County, MD

Project Profile: Local trash haulers deliver trash, and it is transferred to semi-trailers for further transport at the Central Acceptance Facility (CAF), in Baltimore County, MD. With the objective to improve handling efficiency, the facility needed a new transfer station and an innovative stormwater pollution prevention device with a very small footprint. A SiteSaver® Stormwater Treatment device was the solution to improve the water quality, removing impurities such as trash, debris, sediments, heavy metals, and nutrients.

Challenges: The main challenges for this project were to retrofit the site for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4), pollution prevention and drainage in a small footprint. The initial idea was to install a sand filter and would require bigger area to fit the device. The site required 1.47 CFS water quality flow with internal bypass 14.2 CFS (10 years TR55), passive drainage and passive volume 25% of WQv.

Solution: The rainwater that runs from open mouth catch basins is treated by SiteSaver. The system is composed of a net, inclined plates, and a filter. The net removes the floatables, a baffle and soaker socks retain floating oil, inclined cells efficiently settle most sinkable matters and a filter is used to reduce the amount of suspended matters such as clay, grease and nutrients. The net is three dimensional and provides ten times more capture capacity than a screen. The net is placed above the inclined plates reducing footprint. “Placing parallel places in a settling tank can reduce settling tank footprint and match conventional settling tank performance by reducing the requested tank area up to 90%” explains Hans de Bruijn, Sr. Environmental Manager. SiteSaver was chosen for being the best option to improve water quality in a small footprint and regenerate maintenance efforts that lead to reductions in operational cost.