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Lake Point West & East

Project Specifications:

Location:  Chula Vista, CA

Application: Detention / Hydromod

Product used: DoubleTrap

Number of pieces: 88

Number of units: 2

Total water stored: 40,170 cf

Market: Mixed use

Project Details: The Lake Point project is composed of 221 condominium homes, driveways and streets, parking areas, sidewalks, recreational and commercial areas, and a community center. The site is divided into east and west portions by a distinct ridge line running across the topography. Local biofiltration systems were employed in the pollution control of stormwater runoff, and StormTrap vaults were utilized for hydromodification (flow control) and peak flow attenuation to supplement them.

Challenge:  The challenges for this site was the minimal amount of available open space to place a water storage unit as well as vertical constraints of being able to tie into the existing downstream storm drain system.

Solution: StormTrap’s DoubleTrap product was chosen for being the most efficient design in both cost and land area impacted. A rectangular vault was installed in the east side of the site and a triangular vault was installed in the west side. StormTrap met the volume capacities and design restrictions, fitting into a non-rectangular-shaped storage footprint.

“Back and forth coordination with StormTrap has evolved into a productive and efficient working relationship stemming from this project” Alisa Vialpando, Consulting Engineer for Hunsaker & Associates.