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Vales of Glenway Subdivision

Project Specifications:

Location: Newmarket, ON

Application: Detention and Sump

Product Used: DoubleTrap 1905mm; Sump Area – 2210mm & 2337mm

Total Water Stored: 1785m3

Number of Basins: 1

Number of pieces: 244

Foundation: Stone

Watertight system with liner


Consulting Engineer:  Schaeffer Consulting Engineers

General Contractor: Con-Drain Co (1983) Ltd





Preserving valuable land to enhance their community was a major consideration for residential developer, Mosiak Glen Homes, when building the Vales of Glenway subdivision, in Newmarket, ON.  An aboveground stormwater pond was initially proposed at this site, but it was soon realized that if underground storage could be utilized, there would be potential for a park above the system.  A DoubleTrap detention system was ultimately installed that provided for effective and efficient land use where a parcel of land could fulfill two functions: stormwater management and recreation. Installing the StormTrap system provided both environmental and social benefits simultaneously.