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SiteSaver BMP Treatment Device Receives NJDEP Certification for 50% TSS Removal and Receives NJCAT Verification for 98% TSS Removal



StormTrap® announced today that it has successfully completed the verification program with the New Jersey Corporation for AdvancedTechnology (NJCAT) for the new design of its stormwater treatment system, SiteSaver®. Following the verification, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) certified SiteSaver as an approved Hydrodynamic Sedimentation Manufactured Treatment Device (MTD).

Based on the extensive testing conducted, SiteSaver exceeded the NJDEP Hydrodynamic Sedimentation Manufactured Treatment Device requirements. The device achieved greater than 50% Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal utilizing the sediment blend specified by the NJDEP HDS Protocol and qualified for on-line installation under scour testing.

SiteSaver also completed an additional verification program with NJCAT utilizing an alternative sediment than what NJDEP stipulates in their test protocol. SiteSaver was found to remove 98% TSS, ranging from 500 microns to 20 microns, and qualifies for on-line installation under scour testing.  Many jurisdictions across North America are interested in stormwater MTD removal performance of sediment with an alternative median particle size; therefore, the additional testing assists in predicting capture of sediment nationwide.

All testing was observed by a third party, Good Harbor Laboratories, a leading environmental technology testing company that provides unbiased, independent test results.

The SiteSaver’s new system design contains an influent oil baffle, a hydraulic relief baffle, inclined settling cells and optional netting and hydrocarbon containment components. The product is designed to capture and retain sediment, floating trash, debris and oil that can enter stormwater and pollute downstream receiving waters.

“The SiteSaver is a very efficient and cost-effective product to improve stormwater quality around the country. The patented incline plate design will allow the product to scale to different flow applications very easily. We are proud to have received this industry respected certification and verification for SiteSaver,” comments Bob McCormack, President of StormTrap.


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