Underground Stormwater Detention Products

At StormTrap we can provide the underground stormwater detention system you need to manage and control the volume and discharge timing of stormwater runoff. These stormwater solutions were created to store runoff water in large underground chambers for a given period of time before it is released at a controlled rate. This helps to mitigate many of the harmful effects of high volumes of stormwater runoff, such as erosion and flooding.


Our stormwater detention system is completely modular which allows us to quickly and easily customize the system to your exact needs. This stormwater management solution will let you maximize your volume of water storage while minimizing the project’s overall footprint, and by installing it underground, beneath parking lots or streets, you will still have the land above to use for parks, buildings or parking lots.


Contact a StormTrap engineer today to find out how StormTrap can help you design your next stormwater underground detention project or request your free preliminary design and budget estimate.


StormTrap also offers stormwater filtration and underground stormwater retention systems.

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      The SingleTrap design offers a wide range of options and benefits, and our engineers can work with you to provide the solution you really need.

    • DoubleTrap_HospitalScene_Final

      The DoubleTrap design provides the stormwater management solutions you need to control the volume and discharge timing of runoff.

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      Heavy Duty

      The StormTrap Heavy Duty management system provides extra strength and durability for extreme loading situations or excessive stormwater runoff.

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